Welcome to The Silver Spoon Caper!

Hi Everyone! We wanted to introduce you to the Silver Spoon Caper: a short puzzle detective game. 

We, Studio Cypher and The Code & Key Escape Rooms, have partnered together to create a noir-inspired puzzle game where you play alongside private investigator Harriet Lane, helping her solve her latest mystery.

But first a little bit about us! Studio Cypher is a small game design studio based in Bloomington, Indiana. We've spent almost 15 years creating positive, life improving games - mostly for hospitals and museums. Most of our work is done long distance and we are excited to work with someone local to bring their physical games to a wider audience.

The Code & Key Escape Rooms have been creating escape rooms, mobile puzzle boxes, and team-building puzzle experiences in Bloomington since 2017. Our operations were shut down in March 2020, and so we leapt at a chance to translate some of our experiences to a format to reach more people. 

The Silver Spoon Caper

A Short Puzzle Game

You’ll be solving all sorts of puzzles as you travel throughout the city on your quest to catch the criminals red handed! This game is narrative-rich and features a unique conspiracy board feel that requires you to look back at past puzzles and evidence to catch the crooks.

We're pushing to release this month (July 2020). Which is sooooon! We'll be posting more Devlogs about the game and our process making it. So keep an eye out! 

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